The 45th City

Jonathan Hanahan

The 45th City explores ways of representing and occupying online news platforms in real space through the physicalization of its original source code. It suggests the latent website architecture as settings of re-framing the way we experience and inhabit digital information. In this work, architecture is extracted from the underlying code of a fake news website using an open-source tool called Tilt3d. This browser extension visuales the DOM tree-structure of the site as a series of nested boxes, building a vertical architecture from a formerly flat website. This new structure is then rendered as a real environment, mapping physical textures to digital information and speculating on what a material world of this artificial site might exist as.

Jonathan Hanahan is a designer whose speculative practice explores the cultural and social ramifications of experiences which transcend physical and digital occupations and the role technology plays in shaping, mediating, and disrupting our everyday realities. He develops Thick Interfaces—tools, devices, softwares, artifacts, websites, videos, etc. which agitate the digital facade and reveal the physical reality and complexity which exist underneath the thin veneer of our devices.

Hanahan received his BARCH from Virginia Tech and his MFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. In addition to his studio practice, Hanahan is an Assistant Professor in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.