• Portrait/Landscape: Revisiting Kaneji Domoto's Lurie House

    Lynnette Widder and Thad Russell

    Japanese-American architect and landscape architect Kaneji Domoto (1912–2002) built five houses in Usonia, a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed community that was developed in a wooded enclave just outside New York City in the late 1940s. Beginning in 2015, architect Lynnette Widder and photographer Thad Russell collaborated on the documentation of the de- and reconstruction Widder undertook on Domoto’s 1949-50 Lurie House there. Methodically chronicled using both film and digital photography over the course of two and a half years, ‘Portrait/Landscape: Revisiting the Lurie House’ captures the architecture of this era and its remaking in the present.

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