Crossing Lines

The Inaugural Exhibit in pinkcomma’s Drawing Series

Petra Kempf’s Crossing Lines explores the journey of unfolding place through the act of drawing. Informed by Gilles Deleuze’s notion of the line as an agent representing the in between, the act of drawing lines occupies a middle ground, embodying the process of becoming, forever adjusting, always dynamic. As the act of drawing unfolds, the line delineates the movement of a body crossing space. These drawings, therefore, set out to record passages through space—pathways that form a journey in which the subject is continually crossing the line to create place.
Each passage is defined by the experience of the journey, not simply the movement between two points. That means, the points themselves no longer determine the course of the path, but the line between does. As place is constantly unfolding itself, so is the line, in a continuous process, forever changing, adjusting to a new situation.