HEROIC TALK: Jane Thompson on BEN


As part of the gallery’s ongoing research into Boston’s modernist heritage, a series of presenters will address topics related to the city’s concrete architectural exemplars and the culture surrounding them. The first contributor to this series is Jane Thompson, who will speak in conjunction with the launch of BEN, this month’s issue of ArchitectureBoston focused on Thompson’s late husband and partner, Ben Thompson. Jane Thompson is president of Thompson Design Group and the co-author of Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes (Chronicle, 2010). The discussion will be led by Chris Grimley, pinkcomma’s co-curator.

First presented in the exhibition HEROIC in 2009, the pinkcomma curatorial team is continuing its research on the period 1957-1976 in Boston through its Heroic Project and the ongoing HEROIC TALK series.