Lines in Water

The Third Exhibit in pinkcomma’s Drawing Series.

Lines in Water is the third in pinkcomma’s drawing series, following on Crossing Lines and Freedomland, where Petra Kempf and Keith Krumwiede envisioned urbanized forms based on experimental techniques of drawing. In Lines in Water, the assurances and stability of a ground to draw on are brought into question with visions of new urbanities and ecologies on the planet’s fluctuating liquid surfaces. The exhibition joins two distinct investigations initiated separately by Neeraj Bhatia (published as The Petropolis of Tomorrow) and Luis Callejas of LCLA Office (presented in Pamphlet Architecture 33 Islands and Atolls), both of which introduce new forms of public life in aquatic realms.

At a time when designers are often preoccupied with the nightmare of cities being inundated by rising tides, Bhatia and Callejas propose diving headfirst into the waves, establishing floating hubs, reclaiming already submerged territories, creating tidal landscapes. They address existing problems of industries, contamination, and transportation, while looking for solutions that enable design — and drawing — to introduce a thread of ecological conscience into political and economic discourses that, to date, have excluded such aspirations. Like the preceding exhibitions, they establish new territories — new possibilities for territory, that is — through the tools and techniques of drawing.