The Third Exhibit in pinkcomma’s Publishing Series.

Co-curated with loudpaper‘s Mimi Zeiger, Newsstand is the third in a series of exhibitions on contemporary architectural publishing. Following on A Few Zines (related to design zines and magazines) and Publishing Practices (on the influence of architecture books), Newsstand examines another print medium: the newspaper. Inexpensive printing, rapid dissemination, and expanded dimensions make the newspaper a topical platform for architecture and design discourse—even in an increasingly digital world. In order to investigate the motivations behind this tendency, the exhibit presents imaginative examples of the genre from the past several years.

For the exhibit, a broadsheet containing information on all of the participating designs was produced, once again via a questionnaire. A survey for #lgnlgn’s participation in the New City Reader project, curated by Kazys Varnelis at The Last Newspaper exhibit at New York’s New Museum.