Provisional: (An)Other PRAXIS

Amanda Reeser Lawrence, Ashley Schafer and Irina Verona


Challenging the singularity and finality of a cover image, this installation considers an(other) Praxis: the cover designs that were left on the drawing board. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the process—at the covers that might-have-been. Rather than a definitive display of runner-ups, the material displayed in this exhibition is a suggestion of infinite possibilities. What determines the final choice? Luck, intuition, labor, angst, refinement, conflict, budget and ultimately—a deadline.

PRAXIS issue 15: Bad Architectures

PRAXIS 15: Bad Architectures
At a time when the precarity of the present is too often met with ironically predictable responses, this last PRAXIS, “Bad Architectures,” instead magnifies the wrinkles, ripples, disturbances, disruptions, and glitches within the field, framing them as opportunities and alternative ways of working or thinking. “Bad Architectures” is co-edited by Amanda Reeser Lawrence; Ashley Schafer; and Irina Verona.

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Founded in 1999, PRAXIS: a journal of writing + building has established itself as a distinctive voice in international architectural culture. The journal addresses contemporary design issues in both depth and breadth, and has engendered an architectural discourse uniquely rooted in practice. Emphasizing the interdependence of technology, design, theory, and history, PRAXIS investigates these fields as parts of an integrated discipline, promoting connections between various aspects of architectural production. The journal has generated a forum that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Published twice-yearly by an all-volunteer staff, PRAXIS has received critical acclaim as well as numerous awards and honors, including an ID award in 2004 and has twice been awarded design grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.