Documenting Predictions Regarding the Future of Urban Space

If all design can be read as an attempt to predict—and shape—the future, no specialization looks further into the future than urban design. But what does the future look like? The research behind Projections attempts to make sense of the myriad competing visions of tomorrow—and how they relate to cities—by asking a series of questions: What are the likely parameters of a future possibility? What can past conjectures tell us of our own future? Where do the design opportunities lie?

This exhibition was first presented at pinkcomma and later at the WUHO gallery in Los Angeles. It utilized varied media types to create overlapping and continuous narratives. Print entries were organized in custom-designed repositories, each paired with laser-etched information graphics that documented the adjacencies of one topic to another. A digital interface presented the archive as an overlapping series of patterns. The archive’s content was converted to large-scale QR codes, encouraging viewers to scan at random with their smartphones, leave comments, and form their own assessments about the future of urban space.