Publishing Practices

The Second Exhibit in pinkcomma’s Publishing Series

Michael Kubo’s inaugural exhibit at pinkcomma, the exhibition presents case studies of ten canonical publications by architects and critics in the past century that have had impacts in the architectural field.The case studies are presented through a graphic timeline of influences and afterlives from 1910 to 2010, beginning with Vers une Architecture (1923) and ending with S,M,L,XL (1995).

Coupled with the study of the production of these books (and their strategic role for their producers), a series of data graphics examines the reception and influence of books by architects. Conducted in 2009, a survey of over 150 practitioners, educators, and students in the field attempts to gauge the impact of these and other publications in architectural practice, from the time of their publication until the present. A graphic timeline presents every book named by survey respondents (over 330 unique titles in total), with vertical ‘stacks’ of books illustrating the number of times each was listed. A series of circular charts shows the results of the general questions on the role and value of architecture books today, along with more specific opinions on the two most popular books listed by survey participants, Rem Koolhaas’s S,M,L,XL and Delirious New York.