Yoko Naito


Yoko Naito culminated six years of work in New York City with the series Unbeknown. The collection of photographs captures the vacant winter shores of the city and explores outward changes in the environment, the human condition and the artifacts we leave behind.

The quiet minimalism of the photographs in Unbeknown tells a compelling story about how we engage with nature. Each image depicts a remnant of human presence, or activity yet is absent from life. The effect can be lonely and isolating yet at times playful and absurd. Yoko observes the world through an objective lens and aims to capture unexpected environments by juxtaposing different existences within one frame. The vague nature of her imagery tells an open-ended story that is both haunting and calming.

Yoko Naito was born in a small village in Japan and grew up in Tokyo. Experiencing the gap between rural and urban life became a trigger for her interest in the environment and her desire to capture ‘in-between’  landscapes through photography.

The exhibition at pinkcomma follows closely on the successful debut at outside gallery in North Adams, Massachusetts. Coverage can be found in Creative Boom, thisispaper, OEN, Minimalissimo, and The Berkshire Eagle.