Design Biennial Boston: Young Architects Boston

The Inaugural Design Biennial Boston at pinkcomma

This exhibition was held in the pinkcomma gallery to display the work of ten emerging design firms who collaborated on the installation “Parti Wall, Hanging Green” for the national convention of the American Institute of Architects. The Young Architects Boston Group is an organization of firms dedicated to contemporary design while engaging in the complex culture of metropolitan Boston. Floating exhibition panels displayed the design work of the ten firms, complementing the collective installation presented outside. Rather than clustering images by firm, over,under designed the exhibition with a neutral organizational pattern. Panels were hung in roughly chronological order and in columns by project. Each firm typically had four projects, with one large image approximating the date the firm began. Much like with the green wall outside, the work inside was presented anonymously. Project descriptions and attributions were hidden from first view. Only a deeper look revealed the individual agendas and authorship, through the lifting of a felt panel concealing project information and credits.